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LearnApp - Best Online Stock Market Learning Platform

LearnApp.Co, Learn App Zerodha or Learn app: Whether it’s a Finance Student looking to learn stock market or a working professional? What are mutual funds? How to invest in mutual funds? People with questions like how stock market works? What are the factors affecting the stock market? How to learn trading? Online coaching, classes, video tutorial on stock market training or the complete guide to stock market you are searching for. If you are looking for answers for where you can learn about stock market or the share market in India and learning the foundation of GST, taxation and income tax or even looking for a startup and don’t know how to grow your startup with Venture capital and build a global product? You must be hearing about LearnApp for sure…

LearnApp.Co, Learn App Zerodha or Learn app Market Scientist Research LearnApp… All of sudden you might have started hearing this word a lot might be that is the reason you are here. So when you hear this LearnApp you get questions like, What is LearnApp? Why LearnApp? How does LearnApp Work? And most importantly why you should use LearnApp? What you can get from LearnApp as a Student or working professional or as an individual?

What is LearnApp?
If you break LearnApp into two words LearnApp comes to be from ‘Learn’ and ‘App’ and so it’s clear it’s some kind of learning application. But the question is WHAT? Well, let me answer your questions

LearnApp is a learning platform developed by Market Scientist Private Ltd, Noida; started in 2014 by Mr. Prateek Singh. LearnApp helps you learn about Finance Domain, it’s not only Trading, Stock market analysis investment but a lot more. LearnApp has topics more to offer it can educate you on Taxation even rather how to get investors for your startup business and they are adding more and more to it.

LearnApp is developed with a vision to generate more and more finance aware individuals those can take responsibility to invest in their hard earned money in right place and avoid being getting cheated. You may not get a degree or diploma for it, at least for now unless they start it in future; at VERY-VERY affordable pricing.

Why LearnApp?
Now, you will say okay that’s good but you have more I mean many more options that you can opt for what’s different with LearnApp. I mean why should you enroll for it? Well, yes you can learn from anywhere not a concern. I mean lets say you want to be Broker so yeah there is lot of information available to become one but I believe getting to learn from Nithin Kamath, Founder Zerodha will not be an opportunity you may get. Yes, LearnApp lets you hear from his personal experience.

That’s why LearnApp; you get an opportunity to learn from the EXPERTS, the people who are known faces in their niche and they are teaching you. Its not some local guy or a state level guy whose track records can be manipulated but it’s the experts.

If you are having a startup or thinking of one and don’t know anything about how would you manage an investor to support your business, the legal terms and conditions for investors those invest, well you can learn that too. LearnApp helps you learn about the Hedge Funds or the Venture Capital. How can you get funding done for your business what are the industry norms and conditions, the percentage. Pros and cons of getting an investor for your business can be understood easily with LearnApp.
Who are the Experts and What are the topics?
Well, as per the date the names I have are like:
  • Learn how capital markets work | Ashish Chauhan | CEO, BSE India: Ashish Chauhan is the current managing director and chief executive officer of the Bombay Stock Exchange and in this course, he will be teaching: From Startup to IPO Primary and Secondary Markets Equity Markets Futures Options

  • Learn how stock broking works | Nithin Kamath | Founder & CEO Zerodha & Team: What you learn? The Evolution of Stock Broking, Setting Up a Brokerage Firm, Market Intermediaries, Broking Technologies, Broking Sales & Support & Risk Management System

  • Learn how fixed income works | Vishal Kapoor| CEO, IDFC Asset Management: If you like low risk and fixed returns then this course is for you. Vishal Kapoor is CEO of IDFC Asset Management managing over $10 Billion (~Rs. 65,000 crores) and in this course, you will learn Introduction to Investing Lesson, Introduction to Debt Markets, The Economy, Interest Rates and Bonds

  • Learn how GST works | Archit Gupta | CEO | ClearTax: In this course you learn:- GST around the world, The Supply Chain Compliances and Input Tax, GST Council, State compensation mechanism, Invoicing, E-Way Bills, Audit & Aftermath

  • Learn how scalp trading works | G.Bhardwaj | Scalper: Even a 5 second position in a futures market can make you a profit. Its called Scalping. Learn how this strategy works from G.Bhardwaj. You will learn, What is Scalping, The strategy, Live Trades, Money management

  • Learn an option writing strategy | David Aurel | Options Trader: Take a market neutral position with strategy and be unaffected by the direction of the markets. With just a few minutes a month, trade an options strategy that creates some passive income for you. learn how options writing startegy works from David Aurel. You will learn, The Objective, Building blocks, The Strategy

  • Learn how trend trading works | Tom Basso | CEO, TrendStat Capital: If you ever wanted to know how a hedge fund manager trades, take this course. You will learn a real trend following system and risk management system. TomBasso used to run TrendStat capital and managed $650 million (~Rs. 4,224 crores) at its peak. He is also a celebrated author with 'Panic Proof Investing'. You will learn: Introduction to trend trading, What are trends and how they develop?, Defining a trend, Strategy Rules, Risk Management

  • Learn how venture capital works | Gautam Mago | Former Partner, Seqouia Capital: Ever wondered, how to raise money for your startup? or just wonder how to get into the VC industry? Learn from one of the brightest minds in the VC industry. Mr. Mago has headed Sequoia capital, India for 10 years. In this course you will learn:- Venture Capital & Silicon Valley, Structure of alternative investment funds, Term Sheets, Investment framework.

  • Learn how economic indicators affect industries | Mahesh Patil | CIO, Birla Sun Life Mutual fund: Have you ever wondered how to invest/trade when inflation or oil data is released? What stocks would go down if the oil prices were to rise tomorrow? What companies would benefit, if USD INR depreciates? Mahesh Patil, Chief Investment officer of Birla Sunlife Mutual fund, breaks down 5 economic indicators and how it affects industries. You will learn: How RBI affects industries, How USD/INR affects industries, How inflation affects industries, How oil prices affects industries, How IIP index affects industries

  • Learn Value Investing | Sankaran Naren | CIO, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund: Learn long term investing by diving into the world of cycles and intrinsic value. This is a perfect introductory course to how value investing works. You will learn, Value investing concepts, Market cycles and catalysts, Value investing framework, History and underperformance, News and low MCAP, Portfolio Construction, Industry specific information

  • Learn intro to high frequency trading | Siddharth Pujari | HFT Engineer: High Frequency trading is a platform which uses algorithms to place multiple orders in multiple markets within fractions of a second. Ever wonder what strategy they use? You will learn: How forex markets work, Quantitative Trading, Statistical Arbitrage, Cash/Futures Arbitrage Analysis

  • Learn how income tax works | Preeti Khurana | CA, ClearTax: This is a perfect course to help you understand how to file your taxes and learn about different types of taxes on different types of income. Learn how income tax works from Preeti Khurana.
  • Learn how to build global products | Pallav Nadhani | CEO, Fusion Charts: This course helps you learn how to build a product that you can sell globally with the key factors like Finding the pain point and the Idea generation, Pricing & Product licensing Marketing & Brand Building, Product Distribution, New customers for existing products, Managing growth and Hiring for growth
  • Learn how to invest in mutual funds | A. Balasubramanian | CEO, Aditya Birla AMC: The CEO of Aditya Bilra AMC himself helps you learn about the basic introduction to mutual funds, Modes of investing in mutual funds and Risk & Return Mutual Fund offering

And many more like CDSL Fusion Charts and they are adding more of them in their list.

YES, MY FRIEND LEARN FROM THEM. What you can learn from them is like about mutual funds, Depositories, Technical and research analysis part about stock market, Taxation like GST, Income Tax, how you can be a broker etc. They are adding on more and more topics.

And it’s not just like you get a text form where you see their names mentioned and you can read; IT’S A VIDEO LEARNING. YOU CAN WATCH THEM ON VIDEOS.

How it works?
As I told it’s a video platform, you get to learn from watching the videos of experts. All you have to do is visit the website enroll yourself for the courses and get started. as simple as that. LearnApp is great for Students, working professionals and any other individuals who are willing to learn. LearnApp offer you Live seminars and the regular videos.

How much it costs?
Well you might be thinking its going to cost you a lot of money for sure for that well my friend as I mentioned earlier its at affordable pricing. You will think and say my affordable may or may not be affordable for you. My friend, its subscription is for 1500/- (GST Additional) for 3 months and 4500/- (GST additional) for an year. That’s right; the quarterly subscription is going to cost you hardly 500 per month and annual around 375/- a month; as per the pricing I have as on date, may get changed with time.

I believe that’s affordable


LearnApp is a video platform where you get to learn from the experts in their niche at very-very affordable pricing. Excited? Visit LearnApp Website then.

Happy learning my friend!

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