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How can you make 2000-5000/- daily in stock market yourself?

This post will help you to guide you to make a small amount of money daily. It is just an strategy that I am sharing with you here. First of all I don't know exactly what your trading style is or in which segment you are making money. What mistake you are making what not.

I can acknowledge you on a basic working pattern which you can try if it helps. There are 5 Golden principle of trading:
  1. Always do your research
  2. Stick to your research no matter its right or wrong
  3. Never ever trade without target and stop loss
  4. Never ever change your target and stoploss. If required decrease the two rather increasing from the initial levels.
  5. This market is in existence for years and it will be opening tomorrow so we are in no hurry.
Best strategy is to save on your brokerage first because your brokerage charges eat up your profit amount and increase loss amount alot. Lets say you make a profit of 2,000/- but your brokerage is 500/- for that trade what you made 1500/- only and if you make a loss of 2000 and brokerage is constant so your Loss is of 2500/-. And people make more loss by themselves than profit.

So saving on brokerage is a must as that is a constant expense or loss that cannot be escaped. If you have a good brokerage plan you have win half of the Battle already.

I have an account with Zerodha if you want you can open with them to simply dropping your details and click on call back they'll call you and guide you. Open an online trading and demat account with Zerodha and enjoy the lowest brokerage

Now come trading well there are 2 types of trading:
  1. Intraday or day trade: Intraday trading deals with buying and selling of stocks on the same day, during the trading hours that are stipulated by the exchange. An intra-day trader is a particular type of stock trader. This trader both opens and closes a new position in a stock in the same trading day. Intraday trading is the most popular thing in Indian stock market specially amongst new generations. Just come with small capital and use leverage to trade.
  2. Positional or holding: Position trading is the opposite of day trading because the goal is to profit from the move in the primary trend rather than the short-term fluctuations that occur day to day. Its is conventional way of trading you just buy a stock or a counter and you keep it.
Talking about day trading or intraday trading is simple. Actually talking about it, it's better over positional trading because Return on Investment is good (approx 10% of your investment), risk is low if you are going put stoploss. Best part your funds are not getting blocked, not Time consuming. As you don't have a burden of your position what market will be tomorrow. You don't need higher investment as you get leverage over margin or limit over investment in demat.

So it's actually good to trade intraday or day trade rather than holding or taking delivery trades.

Now the question is how do we do it? Well for it we have 2 working strategy which don't need much effort. One is technically understanding stocks and trading accordingly. Second is working fundamentally. You can choose whichever you like.

Working technically you need to choose stock on the basis of technical parameters like 15 min candlestick of any stock you can choose. I am using Zerodha that and I do have charts available there on script only. If you don't have such terminal you can open account with zerodha via link mentioned in this post.

To learn technically trading you need to know basics of Candlestick patterns. You can prefer YouTube for learning candlestick patterns. And if you like, this channel is my favorite as they have 2 min videos that shows how to interpret candlestick and explained via applying on NIFTY chart.

If you trade small even you can earn that much in these follow buy above high and sell below low strategy in these score for 1000/- – 2000/- only and exit. Make sure you are using stoploss and Target.

You can trade in equity. In equity you have:
  1. Cash Trading or Cash Market: In this buying or selling of securities is done by providing the capital needed to fund the transaction without relying on the use of margin. Cash trading is achieved using a cash account, which is a type of brokerage account that requires the investor to pay for securities within two days from when the purchase is made.
  2. Derivative: It is the financial market for derivatives, financial instruments like futures contracts or options, which are derived from shares or cash segment only.
Now, let's say you are tempted to trade in ICICI BANK just go to ICICI and open chart and see 15 min or 10 min candlestick there and if you get any buying signal or selling signal make a trade put a stoploss as per candlestick analysis and Target not higher than 1:1 ratio. That is risk reward ratio should be equal. If you're looking to take risk of loosing 1000/- you should be making a profit of 1000/-. It can go higher than that but it needs lot of experience. I can make 10,000/- against risk of 500/- in intraday. Visit my blog DAILY CAPITAL MARKET DOSE, Google it and look for TRADING IS AN ART and you will see power of trading.

Well you can do fundamental trading also with minimum risk and less calculation. The easiest way of earning small. You need to know about options for it. I have a small trick that can work on options and get you some good return with less investment of time and money. Here I can educate only on working idea not in brief theory because that will be too much information. You need to do a basic research on options before moving ahead.

If you make a profit of only 2000/- daily per trade with this trick there are 22 trading sessions in a month on normal basis so with 1 trade per day you have a potential to generate 44000/- per month and this is in 1 single lot. The minimum I talk about now brokerage is not higher with option so for 22 trades I am not going to pay more than 4000/- and if I incurred loss even lets say 7/10 I make profit so its like I will make a loss of 6 trades 12000/- my potential profit after brokerage charges is like 40,000/- if I deduct loss part 28,000/- of profit a month with hardly an investment of 10,000/-.
Yes it is possible. Read it how I am going to make it done.

I will cover maximum of it so even a new to options trader can also work on it.

There are two types of options:
  1. Call Option
  2. Put Option


Well best strategy to employ if you're talking about NSE options here is focus on news. Keep in touch with stock market news like
  2. Zee business
  3. NDTV Profit
Should be watched between 8:30–9:30 a.m. then you get to know the fundamentals of stock which are in buying trend and which are in selling trend.

Once you know which stock you're betting on simply go to nse website and that stock in search bar on the top of it. Once you're on that stock page simply look for “Option Chain”. Now you will get a list of option contract. It will have both Call option and put option. Here look for the maximum volume option WHOSE PREMIUM AMOUNT IS IN YOUR INVESTMENT BUDGET as higher the volume more safe the trade is.

Now let me explain you the complete process. Let's say you have heard a News about SBIN or State Bank of India. You Came to know how much the stock can go up or at least you know yes it will go up. So now what you do is open National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. Website specially the website has to be opened although you can see option price on terminal also but we are selecting option right now. So we're at NSE website now on the top there is a search bar and on the right drop-down box it says EQUITY. Type in State Bank of India there or SBIN if you know the code.

Now we're on our SBIN page where it has details about SBIN it will appear something like this:

Now you can see Get Derivatives Quote| Option Chain click on Option Chain. The you will have this window: