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Daily Capital Market Dose

Daily Capital Market Dose is dedicated blog for Indian stock market traders and investors. Specially for those who want to learn about Indian stock market, how to begin trading and investing. Articles for Beginners Beginners Guide: How to Start investing in Stock Market (NSE/BSE/MCX) How to Start Trading In Commodities, MCX? What is Demat Account and how to use Terminal for trading What Are Stock Options? IPO: INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING IN INDIA Points to Consider before investing Introduction to Mutual Funds in India Articles for Traders and Investors: LearnApp or Learn App Co: What, Why and for Whom? 22 NSE Options Trading Strategies   32 Movies based on WallStreet and Stock Market 20 Do's & Don'ts For Traders & Investors   LIST OF WEBSITES FOR LIVE MARKET RATES Investment Options for Short Term and Fix Income In India How can you make 2000-5000/- daily in stock market yourself? 9 sites for Free Intraday Trading Tips/Calls A
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04 MARCH 2021 | THURSDAY NSE EQUITY STOCKS LEVELS SUPPORT/RESISTANCE , TRADING LEVELS     Best strategy to make money is to save on your brokerage first because your brokerage charges eat up your profit amount and increase loss amount alot. Let’s say you make a profit of 2,000/- but your brokerage is 500/- for that trade what you made 1500/- only and if you make a loss of 2000 and brokerage is constant so your Loss is of 2500/-. And people make more loss by themselves than profit. So saving on brokerage is a must as that is a constant expense or loss that cannot be escaped. If you have a good brokerage plan you have win half of the Battle already. Get a discount broking account with 20/- Brokerage Flat per executed intraday trade (NOT LOTS/SHARES) and 0/- brokerage on delivery trades and Open online demat account with Zerodha Broking. Fill Online Form For Instant Demat Trading Account